Difference between FIND and FIND

The words find and find are synonymous, however when we talk about the FIND function and the FIND function we realize that they are very similar functions but that they have a peculiar difference.

The FIND and FIND functions

Both functions belong to the group of text functions and return the initial position where a searched text is found within another text string. Even the syntax of the functions is practically identical:

ENCONTRAR(texto_buscado, dentro_del_texto, [núm_inicial])

HALLAR(texto_buscado, dentro_del_texto, [núm_inicial])

You can see that the functions have the same number of arguments and also all the arguments refer to the same: is the text or words we want to search for, is the main text where we will perform the search and It is an optional parameter that indicates the character where the search will start. So if both functions are so similar, why did Microsoft decide to include both?

Difference between FIND and FIND

We are going to find the difference between both functions with a very simple example. In the following image you can see that I have the same string in cell A1 and A2. And for both I will look for the word “excel” only that for one formula I will use the FIND function and for the other I will use the FIND function.

Difference between FIND and FIND in Excel

The FIND function finds that the word “excel” begins at position 1 of the string, however the FIND function returns an error indicating that it has not found that word. The difference between the two functions is subtle but important to remember: The FIND function is case-sensitive while the FIND function is not.

To verify that indeed the FIND function is case-sensitive, I will change the formulas to search for the word “Excel” with the letter E as uppercase. Check out the new results:

Excel difference between FIND and FIND

Now you know. The only one difference between FIND and FIND functions is that the FIND function is case-sensitive.

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