Chart templates in Excel

Chart templates in Excel allow us to save chart settings to reuse them later. In this way, instead of creating a chart from scratch, we can create a new chart from a template which will automatically look similar to the original chart.

What are chart templates in Excel?

Chart templates in Excel are files with the extension which store information about the configuration of the axes, the filling properties of the elements, their position within the graph, etc.

The templates will not save the data displayed in the original chart, but instead save information about the format and style of the chart.

Let’s take an example to better understand how Excel chart templates work. Suppose that after thinking about the design of your graphic you finally arrive at a result like the following:

Chart templates in Excel

Since your job is to create a graphic like the one shown in the previous image every day, you have decided to save it as a template.

To achieve this goal, our first step will be to right click on the graph and choose the option .

How to create a chart template in Excel

The dialog box will appear immediately and you will have to indicate a name for your template and finally click on Save.

Save an Excel chart as a template

In this way we have created a chart template in Excel which we can use over and over again to create similar charts

How to use chart templates

To use a chart template in Excel, you will have to select the data on which the new chart will be based, or if you have an Excel table you just have to make sure to activate some of its cells.

Then you must click on the tab and on the Recommended Graphics command.

Create an Excel chart based on a template

In the dialog you must activate the tab and then the folder to be able to choose the template we just created.

How to use chart templates in Excel

Finally, you must click on the OK button to create the new chart based on your template. Excel will immediately insert a chart with the same style and layout indicated in our chart template.

Example of a chart template in Excel

In the example above, we create a new chart from the template, but it is also possible to change the type of an existing chart by applying the format and style of our template.

In this case, we must right click on the graph and choose the option .

Change the chart type to use a template

Inside the dialog box we must click on the folder and choose the template we want to use and finish by pressing the OK button.

We can use a chart template when creating a new chart, or we can apply the template to modify the appearance of an existing chart.

How to delete a chart template

There will likely come a time when you need to delete a chart template and to do so you will need to open the dialog box just like we did in the previous section.

When activating the tab and click on the folder The Manage Templates button will be displayed in the lower left corner of the window.

How to manage chart templates in Excel

Clicking on this button will open the folder that contains all the graphic templates, that is, the folder that contains the template files that you have previously created.

Since this will be a Windows Explorer window, you can select one or more files to delete from your computer.

Copy the chart templates to another computer

In the previous section we saw how to access the folder that contains the files , which are the graphics template files available on your computer.

If you want to copy or move the templates to another computer, you will have to access that folder again to make the copy and later open the corresponding folder on the destination computer to copy the files.

It is convenient to access this folder from the Insert Chart> Manage Templates dialog as different versions of Excel, or the user on the computer, might have changed the default location of the templates.

This way you will make sure that you are putting the files in the correct location and Excel will automatically recognize them.

Graphic templates will be very useful when we frequently have to create graphics that are very complex in style and format. By using a template, we will save time and also we will be able to generate Excel charts with a consistent design in all our reports.
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