Change sort orientation

By default Excel allows us to sort data that are in the same column, but it is also possible to sort data that are in the same row. To be able to carry out this type of ordering, it will be necessary to change an ordering option at the right moment to order the data.

How to sort rows in Excel

Let’s do a very simple example to show how we can sort rows in Excel. I have a set of numeric values ​​in row 1 of the sheet and I want to order them from least to greatest. It all starts with selecting the data that we want to sort, which in this example is the cell range B1: F1.

Change sort orientation in Excel

It is important to avoid selecting the row header so that Excel orders only the numeric values. After making the selection we must go to the command from the Home tab and select the option .

How to sort a row in Excel

That will bring up the dialog

Sort rows in Excel

Sort from left to right in Excel

Now you must click on the button and a new dialog box will appear with the .

Sort data in rows in Excel

Within this new dialog box select the option and click OK. The last step will be to select the appropriate row by which we are going to sort the data and make sure that under the we have chosen the option .

Sort rows in Excel from smallest to largest

Finally click on the Accept button and the data in the row will be sorted.

How to sort by rows in Excel

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