2021 Calendar in Excel

The All Excel 2021 calendar is a free template that will help you organize the activities of the year using any of the 5 available formats:

  • Complete 2021 calendar
  • 2021 monthly calendar
  • 2021 mini calendar
  • Weekly 2021 calendar
  • 2021 daily calendar

Here are the links to download the Excel file that contains the calendars, and you just have to choose the type of week you want to use:

In the following sections I will explain each of the calendars included in the downloadable file.

Complete 2021 calendar

The first calendar that you will see when you open the file will be the complete calendar that shows all the months of the year on a single sheet.

When you print this calendar, you will have a vertical orientation sheet like the following:

2021 Calendar in Excel

2021 monthly calendar

The second sheet of the Excel workbook is an enlarged version of the months of the year which will allow you to print each month on its own sheet with a horizontal orientation.

2021 monthly calendar in Excel

An important difference from the full calendar is that the monthly calendar uses two cells for each day of the year.

The upper cell has the day of the month while the lower cell is a blank cell that will allow the entry of any text to describe the activities to be carried out on that day.

Download Excel 2021 calendar

2021 mini calendar

The mini calendar displays the days of each month along a row and in this way we can visualize the whole year in just 12 rows of the sheet.

Mini Calendar 2021 in Excel

You will have a complete view of the year on a single sheet by printing this calendar in a landscape orientation.

Weekly 2021 calendar

The weekly calendar is a list with the number of weeks of the whole year and organizes the days that belong to each week.

2021 weekly calendar in Excel

For the calendar with a week from Monday to Sunday, the ISO-8601 standard through the ISO.NUMBER OF WEEK function which returned the corresponding week number for each day of the year.

In the case of the calendar with a week from Sunday to Saturday, the WEEKNUMBER function to get the week number of each day.

2021 daily calendar

One of the last sheets of the book is the Diary sheet and it is a special calendar because it allows us to highlight any day of the year with a different color.

The first column of the calendar is a list of all the days of the year and the second column allows us to assign a category to any day.

The category refers to some type of holiday or special activity that we are going to differentiate from the rest of the days with a different color.

The 2021 calendar has 12 categories available that you can see by clicking on the drop-down list displayed in any of the cells in the Category column.

2021 calendar to print

The first 5 categories have a name previously assigned: Holiday, Anniversary, Holidays, Important and Deadline.

However, it is possible to change the name of all the categories from the Settings sheet and we will see that later.

The important thing about the Journal sheet is that when you choose any of the available categories, the cells in the Date column will be highlighted in a different color.

2021 Calendar Template in Excel

The days will also be highlighted in the rest of the calendars and for that reason the Daily calendar is the place where you will have the control to highlight in a different color.

The Settings sheet

The last sheet in the Excel workbook is the Configuration sheet and from this sheet you can rename the categories that are shown in the drop-down list of the Journal sheet.

Download free 2021 Calendar in Excel

Additionally, you see the Fill column that has the objective of showing the color that has been assigned to the category.

In this version of the calendar it is not possible to change the colors of the categories or increase the number of categories implemented.

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