SUMIF function

Category:Mathematics and trigonometrics

English name:SUMIF

That makes?

Sums the values ​​in a range as long as they meet the specified conditions.


ADDIF (range, condition, [range_sum])

  • range (Required ): The range of cells to which the sum condition will apply.
  • condition (Required ): The condition that must be met to be taken into account for the sum.
  • sum_range (Optional ): The range of cells that will be summed. If it is omitted, the values ​​of the first argument will be added.


ADDIF (A1: A5, ”> 3 ″) = Sum the values ​​in A1: A5 that are greater than 3
ADDIF (A1: A5,”> 3 ″, B1: B5) = Sum the values ​​in B1: B5 as long as the values ​​in A1: A5 are greater than 3

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