AVERAGEIF function


Name in English:AVERAGEIFS

That makes?

Gets the average of the numbers that meet multiple criteria.


AVERAGEIFS (rango_promedio, rango_criterio1, criteria1 [rango_criterio2, criterion2], …)

  • average_range (required ): Values ​​from which the average will be obtained.
  • criterion_range1 (mandatory ): Values ​​to be evaluated by criterion1.
  • criterion1 (required ): Criterion to evaluate criterion_range1.
  • criterion_range2 (optional ): Values ​​to be evaluated by criterion2.
  • criterion2 (optional ): Criterion to evaluate criterion2_range.


AVERAGEIFS SET (B2: B11, C2: C11, “Red”, D2: D11, “Medium”) = Average of values ​​in column B that have the value “Red” in column C and the value “Median ”In column D.

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