ADDIFS function

Category:Mathematics and trigonometrics

English name:SUMIFS

That makes?

Sum the values ​​in a range that meet multiple criteria.


SUMIFS (sum_range, rango_criterios1, criteria1 [rango_criterios2, criteria2], …)

  • sum_range (Required ): The range of cells that will be summed.
  • criteria_range1 (Required ): The first range that contains the values ​​to evaluate.
  • criteria1 (Required ): The criteria that the range_criterios1 must meet.
  • criteria_range2 (Optional ): The second range with values ​​to evaluate.
  • criteria2 (Optional ): The criteria that must be met by the criteria_range2. Up to 127 pairs of ranges and criteria are allowed.


ADDIF.SET (A1: A10, B1: B10, “> 0 ″, C1: C10,” <10 ”) = Sum the cells in the range A1: A10 as long as the value in the range B1: B10 is greater than zero and the value of the range C1: C10 is less than ten.

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